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Other FRC Robotics Teams that have helped us!

Fem Bots Team #692 Website A Robotics team from St. Francis High School hosted our regional kickoff and gave us a tour of their facility. Hosted 2010 Labview into and practice day.
Reneuatio Website These guys let us check out their past years robots, Cool! They brought them to us and let us keep one for a couple weeks. They always answer the phone when we call. They have shared with us numerous tips, papers, plans, etc... Based in Granite Bay, Placer County
PGHS Robotics Team #2073 Website Also always answers the phone and has helped us get through some programming issues.
GRT Robotics Team #192 Website They have offered to help fabricate any parts that we needed in their fully Equiped Machine Shop. A few team members viewed their facility and were blown away. GRT also shares one of their mentors (Karl van Dyk) with us.