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Give Thanks to all these people who helped us! Mentors

Debby Hanson, School Advisor
Charlotte Lindborg, Team Coordinator
Adam Reif, Lead Build Mentor, Design/Mechanical
Karl van Dyk, Design/Mechanical
Mattias Bergman, Project Management, Mechanical
Pat Holmes, Programming
Mike Donlon, Programming
Jay Rutten, Programming
Ron Reams, Electrical
Scott Vogelsang, Electrical
Burr Emery, Shipping
Eric and Brynn Holm, Public Relations/Promotions
Sherri Donlon, Website 
Candice Hughes, Awards/Scholarship
Anjulika Sharma, Fueling Team

Here are Some words about them!

   Our Mentors are all volunteer professionals, some of them are freelance writers and can write report for me, some are parents, and community members with a passion for inspiring our community’s youth in the fields of science and technology. All of our mentors are amazing, talented people who generously share their knowledge and experience with students.

   Our build mentors set a great example as they keep coming back and persevere through this project with steadfast patience. Mr. Reif, our lead build mentor, is working as an Aerospace Engineer for Pumpkin, Inc. Mr. van Dyk is a Development Engineer at SRI International and has experience mentoring the Gunn High School Robotics Team in Palo Alto. Mr. Holmes is a Senior Principal Engineer Software Strategist at Intel Corp. Mr. Donlon is a Software Engineer at Intel Corp. Mr. Rutten is a (computer/software) Senior Architect/Engineer for Stone Cobra. Mr. Bergman is a Project Management Consultant. Mr. Reams comes to us with an extensive background in electrical engineering from the U.S. Navy. Mr. Vogelsang also has an extensive background in electronics.

   None of this would be possible without another group of very important mentors. Debby Hanson, is our school advisor and supports us with logistics, communications and everything else we can think of! Ms. Lindborg has a BA in Management, (thank goodness) and is our Team Coordinator. She is our glue. Mr. Emery is in charge of our robot shipping and transport. Mr. and Mrs. Holm offer the team guidance in its fundraising and public relations presentation efforts. Sherri Donlon is a Professional Website Designer assisting our team webmaster with website design and maintenance. Candice Hughes supports our student awards/scholarships representative by keeping an eye on requirements and deadlines. Anjulika Sharma is in charge of coordinating the food donations from parents to feed team members and mentors as they work long hours and late nights.

   In addition to our Mentors, we have many, parents and community members who support us by sending materials, stopping in and helping with the build when they can. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!! Each of you is an important part of our team.

Here are some Pictures of them!

charlotte with Team member Adam with a Soccer ball
Karl With Students on SolidWorks Pat Watching Over
Mattias working Karl Teaching Something
Karl Helping Adam talking to Team Mates
Karl @ Vise Grip Couple Mentors around a Box
Adam and Adrain Scott with a Soccer ball
Pat Helping with drawings