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Robotics Party 6/8

Hey Everyone!

We are having our annual end of the year party for robotics on Saturday, June 8th from 12:30 PM to 5 PM. We are having lunch during the party, and we will work the details out in an another blog post. I hope to see everyone there!

Have a great summer!

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Raspi Startup

First, make a script called (name).sh,
Second, chmod 777 (name).sh
Third, chmod +x (name).sh
Fourth, Edit script (nano (name).sh) and add this line:

((cd (path/to/config/and/server) && java -jar Server.jar) | tee output.log) &
Finally, in /etc/rc.local add this line before exit 0:
(exec path/to/ &

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Our Next Two Meetings

Hello again everybody,

This is just a notification that we will be meeting on Monday, March 11th, and Tuesday, March 12th, after school. Sorry for the late notice.

If you are going to Davis, you must attend at least one of these meetings so that you can get the permission slips for the Sacramento Regional.



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Friday, March 8th

Hello all!

Just a friendly reminder that there is no meeting on Friday, March 8th.

Have a good weekend!

Chris Rutten

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Post-Madera Meetings

Hello again Circuit Breakers!

After all that excitement down at the Central Valley Regional, where we improved our robot in many ways and all the rookies got to finally taste a bit of the intense excitement that is competition, we get to meet again!

On Wednesday and Thursday, the programming and build teams are going to meet, and then on Friday we will all meet if we need to, at the usual time, from after school until 6-ish.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

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Our next meeting!

Thank you Mrs. Lindborg, for your thanks! (Let’s not dig ourselves too deep of a thank-you hole…) We all look forward to seeing you in Davis!


Hello Circuit Breakers! Our next meetings will be on Monday and Tuesday (February 25th and 26th – from when school is out until 6pm). If you are going to Madera, you must attend these two meetings. I look forward to seeing you there.

At these meetings, you will be receiving a form (if you don’t have it already). this form must be signed by all your teachers and returned to Mr. Bray ASAP.

See you all soon!


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Hey Circuit Breakers!!!

I am speechless! (Okay, not technically speechless – I know that detail is important to you.) You named the Robot  “Charlotte”. Wow! I don’t think there has EVER been a robot named Charlotte. :) We won’t spend too much time wondering why . . . . As usual, Circuit Breakers have heart and guts!  I am honored. Thank you.

I am with you in spirit and am your biggest behind-the-scenes fan! Congrats on making it through your fourth Build Season.  I won’t be able to cheer you on in person at Madera this year, but will see you at the Sac Regional for sure. Go get ‘em! I know you can do it! Proud and Gracious! Tear it UP!


Ms. Charlotte Lindborg

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February 21st

Hello again team,

There will be another meeting on Thursday, February 21st, so that we can finish the bumpers. Please be there! If we get them done, then we don’t need to meet on Friday or Saturday!



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Bag and Tag!

Hello my fellow Circuit Breakers!

Due to the sudden change in weather today, there was a good amount of snow on the ground at the lab today, and as such, only a few people showed up to bag the bot early and get out of there. It was dangerous to drive on.

“Charlotte” (the officially designated name for our new robot, after Mrs. Lindborg, who put forth a lot of time and effort to start and keep this club going for it’s first three years) has been bagged and tagged. (For those who don’t know, it was literally put into a giant bag.) We cannot work on the bot itself until the day of competition, except for an allowance of thirty pounds worth of upgrades to the robot, and a few other exceptions, such as bumpers.

Nevertheless, we still have lots to do! Weather allowing, please come to ROP-A tomorrow, February 20th, so that we can work on bumpers, cleaning, packing, and any upgrade pieces we need!

Our first competition, the Central Valley Regional in Madera is March 1st through 3rd. Competition is a completely different experience, and definitely something to look forward to!

See you all there!

-Christopher Rutten

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Vision Processing Paper

Very in depth paper on vision processing.

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