Other Teams

After surviving our very first year as rookies, the word “team” began to take on a whole new meaning. The mindset of “most valuable player”, and “us against them” were forever shattered. They were replaced by “coopertition” and “gracious professionalism”. All of us felt like winners that had taken home a trophy of gold.

However, this trophy was something far better than gold. It was success and the spirit of FIRST! The positive energy radiating from every person in the arena could not be contained. It spread through out our community like wildfire. We soon learned of other teams and eagerly shared our knowledge and experiences. Then, we spread even further by reaching to those who had yet to hear of FIRST and showed them a world with limitless possibilities.

A few of the teams we’ve collaborated with, shared with, and competed with are listed below:

Team #1678 – Citrus Circuits
Team #971 – Spartan Robotics
Team #115 – Monta Vista Robotics Team (MVRT)
Team #245 – AdamBots
Team #692 – Fem Bots
Team #295 – Renevatio
Team #2073 – EagleForce
Team #192 – Gunn
Team #254 – The Cheesy Poofs

For a more comprehensive list of FIRST teams, please check here!